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From Our Babes

“The entire day was focused on me and how I was doing. I'm such a conservative person and I felt 100% at ease. Betsy constantly checked in with me and made sure I was comfortable in every way. On my reveal day, I was blown away at how amazing the photos were. Betsy is a true artist.”

— Mrs. H

“Betsy is amazing! She did a photoshoot of my husband and put my favorite pictures in a Viewmaster. Such a cute idea! I loved so many of the pictures I ended up asking for two different Viewmasters! She was so fun and uplifting to talk to when we went through the pictures together.”

— Ms. M

“The intro process before the photoshoot was deep and full of self reflection. I believe this helped me to connect with Betsy during my shoot. Every vision I and for the shoot, Betsy helped me to bring to life. They turned out even better than I imagined! Whatever package you're thinking of, go bigger! It is worth every dime of the investment into YOURSELF!”

— Salina

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