Enjoy special Bonuses with our Signature Collections when you pre-pay.

Pre-payment plans are a great way to score extra savings with your boudoir session.

For some clients, having a Collection prepaid helps alleviate stress.

You can always upgrade your Collection at your Reveal Ordering Session.


1. Choose your collection and setup payment, whether you are seeking financing, credit card, or in-house layaway. PREPAYMENT SAVINGS IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON COLLECTIONS.

2. We offer financing through two banking options: Enhancify & Klarna. They are both great options we are thrilled to offer you!

*Interest rates and financing terms are determined at the time of checkout after a soft pull of your credit*

Easily apply for Enhancify now! They have options for all credit ratings!

You will need to round up or round down when selecting an amount to finance. Please note that Enhancify will prequalify you, then once you complete the funding, you will pay us directly in full.

Klarna is available at checkout. You will receive an immediate approval. Scroll down a bit in the methods of payment screen at checkout for Klarna Pay Later.

3. You can also make your purchase directly on this page when paying in full with your chosen credit/debit card.

4. If you are paying in full prior to your session, your Signature Collection must be paid in full at least 3 weeks before your session.

5. Please email us once you’ve made your purchase at [email protected] so that we can capture the sale and update your account. Include your chosen Collection and form of payment (paying in full with your credit/debit card or financing through either Enhancify or Klarna, please be specific).

6. We also offer in-house layaway for pre-session payment plans. If you would like to go that route, please email [email protected] or text Jax to work out your payment arrangements. We will set you up on auto-payments and you will be charged on the same day each month.

• Pre-session payment plans for all Collections must be paid in full at least 3 weeks prior to your shoot in order to get your prepayment bonuses.
• Special bonuses do not apply to purchases made at your ordering session and does not apply to a la carte items when a Collection is not purchased as well.

$10,999 (80 photo collection)

$8,499 (70 photo collection)

$6,899 (60 photo collection)

$5,599 (50 photo collection)

$4,499 (40 photo collection)

$3,399 (30 photo collection)

$2,299 (20 photo collection)


Photos not selected at Ordering Session will be deleted.

Terms of Pre-Payment plans:

  • Pre-payment plans offer exclusive bonuses & must be completed at least 3 weeks before your shoot.
  • Longest term of payment plan is 12 months
  • Products are ordered after payment plan is paid in full
  • Due to the digital and custom nature of our work, all sales are final
  • Pricing subject to change without notice

Additional information for Ordering Session Upgrades:

  • Fine art albums and wall art take 4-6 weeks once payments are complete and design approval is received
  • Downpayments for Collection Upgrade at Ordering Session:
    1/2 is due if total is under $1000; 1/3 is due if purchase is over $1000

You will make your purchasing decisions the day of your ordering session. Any photos not purchased will be DELETED after your ordering session.

PLEASE BE PREPARED to put at least 20% down on any upgrades to your collection the day of your ordering session.
Automatic recurring credit card charge is required for ALL in-house payments, if you are not approved for Klarna or Enhancify.

If 3 or more payments are missed, your payment plan will be canceled, is due in full, or your purchase will be canceled.

All payments made are non-refundable due to the custom nature of our work.

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